Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

This is one of the definitive video poker games available at online casinos, with new and experienced players taking their chances with this popular casino game. Whilst it offers additional bonus features to intrigue players of all levels, the game is similar to the standard Texas Hold’em Poker version but with one exception – there is no bet after the River.

How to play Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to discuss the basic rules of Texas Hold’em Poker to get a better understanding of the online game available at online casinos UK.

Played with a standard single deck of 52 cards, with the aim of the game to have the best hand at the end. Gameplay follows this order:

  • The player is dealt two cards facing upwards, called Pocket Cards, after placing their initial Ante bet.
  • The dealer is dealt two downwards facing cards. Players have the choice to either raise or fold based on their hand.
  • Once the player has made a decision, the three Flop Cards are revealed. The Flop Cards are the first three of the five upward facing cards on the table.
  • Now the player can either Call, meaning place a bet equal to the Ante, or Check, where no further bet is added.
  • A fourth card, the Turn Card, is then dealt.
  • The player is afforded the opportunity to Call or Check once again. The fifth card, called the River Card, is finally dealt.
  • The dealer’s cards are now revealed and the player’s hand is compared to that of the dealer’s to reveal the winner.

How to win at Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker

Now that you know the basics of the game, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. i.e. strategy. As fun as it is to play online casino games, the real point is to win. Here we offer some tips to help you win at this exciting and lucrative online poker game.

Never make a flop when you are dealt the following: two and three cards of different suits, two and four cards of different suits, two and five cards of different suits, two and six cards of different suits, two and 75 cards of different suits.

If you receive any of these combinations, it is best to immediately fold. You can play this hand, but only if you are 100% certain that the dealer cannot beat your hand.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Bets

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker has a side bet known as the Bonus Bet. Once this Bonus Bet is initiated, a second paytable allows players to win prizes based on particular Pocket Card combinations. These combinations offer fantastic payouts, ranging from a 3:1 payout to a sensational 1000:1 payout if the player and the dealer lands Pocket Aces.

The advantage online players have is that the rules are clearly set out on the table itself so you can make a quick reference at any point during the game. This makes Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker a great game for new players to gaming online.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Chip Range

The game features a chip range from 1.00 to 200.00. Players can use unlimited and mixed chip stacks, which are automatically resized to make up the current bet with the least chips. The max amount that can be won in this game is a massive 52 020.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is a fun and highly rewarding game that will appeal to new and experienced players alike. Casino Pros feature online casinos that offer exceptional standards of this game, including realistic representations of the table. Featuring the best in online gaming technology and software, expect 3D graphics, smooth gameplay and swift action from online poker games at reputable online casinos UK.

Along with Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, standard Texas Hold’em Poker can be found in all online casinos with a massive range of options on offer. Betsoft‘s Poker3 range is of particular note due to the 3D Graphics