Blackjack Terminology

While Blackjack is a game for anyone and everyone and is widely considered to be the most popular casino card game, both online and in the world. Before you start playing in a casino though you should familiarise yourself with some of the terminology used to describe the game. There are quite a few words it would be helpful to learn if you are keen on playing to win. Here Casino Pros offers a list of common Blackjack terminology so you can have the best gaming experience and become an expert player.

Common Blackjack Terminology

Bankroll – This is the amount of money you have to bet with.

Blackjack – A winning hand of 21 on two original cards.

Breaking Hand – A hand that goes over 21 with one card.

Bust – To go over 21, this is a loss.

Deal – When the cards are handed out.

Double Down – This is an option to double your original bet, but only getting a one-card hit. This is a good move if you are confident you will win the round.

Draw – To add more cards to your hand.

Face Cards – Jacks, Queens and Kings.

Hit – To ask for another card from the dealer.

Hole Card – A card that is dealt face down.

House Edge – The natural advantage the casino has over a player. Using a good Blackjack strategy can lower the house edge.

Insurance – Players can take insurance by betting half of their original bet.

Natural – When a two-card hand equals exactly 21.

Push – When the player and the dealer has a tie – i.e. the exact same total.

Soft 17 – A hand containing an Ace and any card between 2 and 7.

Soft Hand – Splitting a two-card hand and playing them separately.

Split – Any two cards of the same value can be split when the cards are dealt.

Standing Hand – A hand containing 17 or more. A player will choose to stand because you will likely get a hand over 21 if you choose another card.

Stand/Stay – Not accepting any more cards in case of going bust.

Surrender – This is when a player folds his hand after the first two cards are dealt.

Stiff Hand – A hand with cards with a total of between 12 and 16.