Horse Racing

Placing bets at the races dates back a number of decades, where the sports betting activity took place at land based horse tracks. This is not to say that horse racing at physical locations has been completely eradicated, though today, we see additional platforms which have been created through the internet and via mobile devices. You can now easily bet at a online Sportsbook  without having to commute, where you can place your bets simply with a click of a button.

Horse race

This particular niche involves a number of jockeys and horses who race over set distances to achieve a win. And in the case of winning, the fastest horse and jockey combination reigns as champion. Horse racing, as most would know, is one of the age-old, and perhaps, most popular sports of all time. Not much has changed since its inception into the gambling world and still strives with bets placed on the winning outcome. Players who are new to the concept may find a long list of tips and strategies to aid in shaping their success when it comes to betting. For the purpose of learning the art of horse racing, let’s delve into the niche in a bit more detail below:

Horse Racing Markets

There are many types of UK horse race betting selections and ways to bet, which include the following:

  • Win bet: Wagers placed on the winning outcome.
  • Place bet: Wagers placed on a particular position with a prediction on where the jockey and horse will come.
  • Show bet: Involves placing wagers on which jockey and horse combination will result in a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position.
  • Pick 6 bet: A wager that selects 6 winners from 6 races
  • Tournament: A wager that seeks to select the winner of a series of races, this bet requires great timing as the more wins that your horse picks up throughout the season, the lower their odds becoming, meaning lower yields as they become a favourite.

Top Horse Racing Sportbooks

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Race Day Bets

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