So Much Candy Online Slot Review

Rating 5 out of 5

It’s always about those with a sweet tooth, isn’t it? What about those of us with sweet teeth, right? Well, Microgaming has catered only the sweetest of games to your palate. Boasting 25 paylines, this game is definitely one with winnings that are sprinkled with sugary goodness. The best part about this game is the array of sweet bonuses on offer. Minimum bet is 0.25, and the maximum bet is 5.00.

Microgaming So Much Candy Online Slot Game

Refine your Sweet Tooth, Drown in Sugary Prices with So Much Candy

The delirium begins with the sweet-dotted backdrop that this game presents on. Many different candies make the composition. The symbols include the low-paying symbols of 10, J, Q, K, and A. The higher paying symbols are five candies: a grape-flavoured sweet; an orange candy ball; a green, apple-flavoured, doughnut-shaped candy; a red and white striped sweet; and last but not least, a sweet with a jelly-centred heart. The graphics on this game are good but do look quite a lot like the images of these very sweets that you would see on their packages, or on a random painting of sweets, say. So, from that perspective, the graphics are not that original, but they’re of a very good quality nonetheless. The soundtrack is very sweet, filled with the innocence of kids with an unlimited budget in a candy store if one could put it into a feeling. The tenderness of it effortlessly keeps you going; you almost forget that you are gambling, as you just go on pressing the button. Microgaming nailed this part of gambling if we are, to be honest. That is the level of oblivion that you want players to be at. Ever-lasting sugar highs for everyone! The Wild Symbol is the game’s logo “So Much Candy”. The Scatter symbol is the classic dispenser machine full of Jawbreakers.

Bonus Features

This game is unique in that, in the base game you can also be awarded for being a good candy-eater. If you spin three or more candy symbols, the high-paying ones, you trigger a feature called the “More Candy Features”. Those candies which you rolled, can split into more candies, that is, they can expand to cover the all the other reels. Maybe Microgaming should have just called this an Expanding Wild? But kudos to them for the creativity. Further, the then split symbols can award you a 25 symbol win. Yes, the split symbols feature can envelope all 25 symbols on the board at one time. Back to the Scatter symbol. As with other games, if you spin 3 or more, you trigger the Free Spins Feature. Now, here, the Free Spins features differ. One of the features offers you 8 Free Spins and the chance to win 320 000x your bet per line. The second feature promises you a 10 Free Spins and a chance to win 280 000x your bet per line. The third feature serves you 12 Free Spins and a chance to multiply your winnings by 240 000. You can also get the fourth offer of 14 Free Spins and 200 000x on your bet, and lastly, a fifth offer of 16 Free Spins and the chance to multiply your bet by 160 000. You’re really spoiled for choice with all these offers pandering to your sweet tooth. Tough choice, we know. Take your time.  Oh yeah, and Free Spins can be retriggered.


This game is for those who love the sweet side of life and money. Be careful not to get rotting teeth or diabetes, though; this game is deceptively tasty!

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