Online Roulette Odds

Roulette is, unfortunately, not a game not known for favouring the player, but there are ways you can beat the odds and win while playing at online casinos UK. When playing online Roulette, or any casino game, players must note the importance of the house edge. In Roulette, the house edge is quite high, which could mean that the odds aren’t great for players. Despite this, there are strategies in place that players can use to tips the odds in their favour.

Roulette Bets

Type of BetCommon NameOdds
Bet on Red or BlackRed or Black1 to 1
Bet on Odd or Even NumbersOdds or Evens1 to 1
Bet on Numbers 1 - 18
or Numbers 19 - 36
Low Bet or High Bet1 to 1
Bet on 1st 12 (Numbers 1 - 12)
or Bet on 2nd 12 (Numbers 13 - 24)
or 3rd 12 (Numbers 25 - 36)
Dozen Bet2 to 1
Bet on 1st or 2nd or 3rd ColumnColumn Bet2 to 1
Bet on set of 6 numbersLine Bet5 to 1
Bet on set of 5 numbersLine Bet6 to 1
Bet on set of 4 numbersSquare Bet or Corner Bet8 to 1
Bet on set of 3 numbersStreet Bet11 to 1
Bet on set of 2 numbersSplit Bet17 to 1
Bet on an individual numberStraight Bet35 to 1

Online Roulette Odds

Strategy plays a big role in this table game. Players must come up with a brilliant strategy to increase their odds of winning big. In Roulette, you can place as many bets as you like as long as they are within the stated max bet for a particular table, which allows for a huge amount of fun and diversity, but also requires a bigger bankroll. More seasoned players will know that in rules of the game, it is always better to place more than one bet.

Players must remember that there are different varieties come with different rules, odds and payouts. These include French, European and American.

European versus American Roulette

The odds are better in European Roulette than American Roulette. The house edge of European Roulette is low at 2.63%, however, the betting minimum is usually quite high as it is targeted at high rollers. Find out more about each type by visiting our written reviews one each through the links provided.