Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a table game that has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks, in part, to its accessibility at online casinos in the UK. Its origin has never been confirmed, although many believe it to be thousands of years old. Sic Bo is ultimately a dice game based on luck, although players and experts alike suggest that certain strategies can be used to improve your chances of winning. This is how Playtech‘s version of online Sci bo looks

As you can see, it offers huge betting options from £1-1,500.

Online Sic Bo Strategy

While many believe online Sic Bo to be a game of luck, there are some strategy tips that players can implement for a more meaningful experience. Deciding your risk factor will be one of the biggest decisions you will make when planning your strategy. The higher the risk means the higher the rewards but could also mean high losses. The lower the risk, the lower the losses and lower the rewards. There are, however, progressive betting systems in place, which could help players win more.

Tips to win in Sic Bo

This game is essentially based on good luck, but there are a few ways to help improve your game so you can walk away a winner:

  • Select a good table – You will be able to recognise a good table by looking at the numbers laid out in the centre of the table. The best tables are those with a 65 to one option as this results in a house edge of 8.33%.
  • Max and min limits – Learn all about the maximum and minimum limits on a specific Sic Bo table.
  • Don’t forget about promotions – Various online casinos offer a variety of table game promotions. Check out which offer the best promotions when playing Sic Bo.
  • Know your limits – Know when to say no and when to stop. It is easy to lose large amounts of cash in mere seconds so manage your bankroll and stop at the right time.

Sic Bo vs Craps

People often make comparisons between these two popular dice games. While similar, there is one big difference – Sic Bo relies more on chance while Craps depend on some kind of strategy to be successful. This is because some wagers in the game of craps need a certain roll to start before it amounts to any real wins. Find out more about online Craps here.