Online Gambling Grows in the UK

The world of online gambling seems to be growing in leaps and bounds, particularly in the UK, which has seen an increase of 33% between April 2015 and March 2016. A total of £4.5 billion in online gross gambling yield was generated during this period, with online gaming and sports betting being the most profitable online gambling sector. In comparison, traditional casinos made £1 billion over the same period, while high street bookmakers generated £3.3 billion and the National Lottery accounted for £3.4 billion. If we break it down even further, profits from online casino games totalled £2.6 billion, a massive £1.8 billion from that coming from slot games alone. Online sports betting contributed £1.6 billion, betting exchanges generated £152 million, online bingo accounted for £153 million and pool betting earned £26 million.

This popularity will see online gambling platforms take a more creative approach to their services in a bid to outdo competitors and keep players interested. The combined profits of online and land-based casinos are £13.6 billion. This increase could also mean an increase in addictive behaviours associated with gambling, and the UK Gambling Commission has launched initiatives to encourage all operators to focus on fair and responsible gaming for the protection of its players.

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