Craps is an easy game that does not require much skill. It is basically a game involving dice where a player wagers on the outcome of the pair of rolled dice. This popular game is derived from ‘Hazard’, an early English game played during World War II. Since then it has become a staple at traditional and in casinos all over the world.

6 Advantages to online Craps

There are many advantages to playing this exciting and easy game at online casinos in the UK.

  1. Convenience – The best thing about playing on your desktop or mobile is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You can enjoy all the realism and winning opportunities wherever you are, anytime. Plus your environment can be as loud or quiet as you choose.
  2. Hot streaks – Hot streaks is common in Craps, especially if a player is the shooter.
  3. Edge against the house – A great advantage to playing online is the betting factor. There are numerous ways in which players can place their bets and no one can try to find fault with it. You are in control of your gameplay.
  4. Craps variations – There are a wide variety of versions available to choose from, so you will definitely find a version that suits you. There are some with higher streaks for more experienced players, while newbies can enjoy more relaxed versions of the game.
  5. Find the best odds – When playing you should make odd bets with the prospective that the option is provided. If you are not familiar with odd bets then they can always just back pass the line bets along with them.
  6. Casino bonuses – These are not found at land-based establishments and should definitely be taken advantage of when playing using the internet.

Types of Wagers

There are numerous types of wagers you can place during a game of Craps:

  • Pass Line Bet – This is a bet where a shooter can win
  • Don’t Pass Line Bet – This is the opposite of a Pass Line Bet; a bet for the shooter to lose
  • Don’t Pass Odds – Here players can place chips on the don’t pass line
  • Come Bet – A completely new pass line bet
  • Don’t Come Bet – Similar to a Don’t Pass Bet