With its roots dating back to an Italian-run lottery known as ‘Lo Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’, Bingo is one of the most popular casino games in the world! Today there are plenty of variaties of this exciting game available across the internet. The online version of the game is played the same as the traditional version; however, the online variations allow players to enjoy the game without leaving the comfort of their home on almost any device. Players will find both traditional style bingo, such as NetEnt‘s versions and more modern Video Bingo from casinos like Playn’ Go.

Online Bingo in 4 easy steps

  1. It is played using a card with five columns and five squares on each. Each square has a number on it, but not the middle square, which is referred to, as ‘free’ space.
  2. The aim of the game is to listen out for the numbers on the card you have. When you see a number on your card that has been called out, you mark the square that contains the number.
  3. The first player to achieve a predetermined pattern of marked numbers wins the game.
  4. The five columns are labelled after the game; B, I, N, G, O, with each letter representing a certain range of numbers, i.e.
    B – 1 to 15;
    I – 16 to 30;
    N – 31 to 45;
    G – 46 to 60;
    O – 61 to 75.

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Online Bingo terminology

It is important to know some of the most common terminologies of bingo when playing this game. Here we offer a list of words players may encounter while playing bingo at online casinos UK:

  • Caller – This person picks the numbers and announces them to the players. In Online Bingo, the caller is represented by the online casino.
  • Straight-line Bingo – This refers to a play where you land a five number straight line from left to right. This line may appear vertical, horizontal or diagonal and can include the free space square, meaning you can win on just four numbers.
  • Coverall – This is a type of jackpot game that is also referred to as ‘Blackout’. Here the aim is to cover all numbers on the card with a specific number of cells.
  • Dauber – This is a term is used for the pen-like ink stamper that players use to mark their token when they have a matching number.
  • Buy-in – This is when you purchase a Bingo card. Players have to buy-in before the game commences. The online version of the buy-in is when a player places a bet before the game begins.

Online Bingo is a game based mainly on luck, although many long-time players and experts believe that there are certain strategies you can use to succeed in the game. Online Bingo can vary between online casinos, but the basic rules remain the same. We offer a range of online casinos that feature the exciting and lucrative game of Online Bingo. Check them out before choosing a game to suit your needs.