Loose Cannon Online Slot Review

Rating 5 out of 5

If you consider yourself a loose cannon, this is the game for you! Sail the high seas with your crew and reap unbound winnings. With the chance to be the Captain of your own gigantic ship and unlimited areas to find treasure in, this game is the best of its kind. Powered by Microgaming, Loose Cannon features 243 ways to win.


Loose Cannon Slot

Slot Type:Video Slot
Features:Wilds, Wild Stack, Scatter and Free Spins.
Min bet:0.30
Max bet:37.50

Microgaming Loose Cannon Online Slot Game

Be King of the Sea in Loose Cannon

The seas that backdrop this game are calm and tranquil, still tender from the battles that have occurred before. The only vestige of a prior battle is the distant ship that creeps on in the background, supposedly enjoying the sunset as it envelopes the horizon, leading into an easy, starry night. Mountains with skeleton carvings also add to the eerie aura that imbues the oceans. Oh yes, and the graphics are of really good quality. Perfect for the indefatigable narrative of sailing the seas. The soundtrack to this game is light-hearted and fun, albeit having a slight tinge of seriousness to it. The feather-like weight of this soundtrack makes a great combo with the intensity that comes with sailing the high seas in search of the plentiful treasure troves about. The challenge, as everybody knows, is securing the most, if not all of them. Quickly and effectively. The symbol characters in this game are both low-paying and high-paying. Accompanying them are cool animations. The symbols that aren’t as generous but still pay are, two interlocking pistols; a mischievous crab surrounded by gems; a treasure map where X is marked by a sword impaling it; a treasure chest full of jewels and the like. The higher-paying symbols include a monkey carrying a skull and bones-themed cannon, sitting on a pile of gold nuggets; an attractive, sun-kissed maiden of the pirate; a sinister pirate; lastly, the highest paying symbol is the “Loose Cannon” symbol.

Loose Cannon Bonus Features

The Wild is a ship with “Wild” written across its mast. The Wild, here, is a substitute for all symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Wild Stack feature occurs when the Wild lands on reel 3, and becomes stacked. It can expand both to its left and right, having the potential to fire Wilds across all fifteen symbols, netting you quite a big treasure trove. The Scatter symbol is an Octopus sprawled at the corner of a compass-like map. If you can hit the target of a Scatter symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5; you will earn yourself 15 Free Spins. Also, Free Spins in this game, have the ability to be retriggered.


If you have a penchant for treasure hunting and love sailing the seas, then Microgaming has made the best game possible for you. Luckily, if you have a knack for hunting treasure but happen to have the misfortune of being someone that gets sea-sick, this game is also for you!