DAO.Casino To Revolutionise Online Gambling Industry

People often talk about technology which will revolutionise an industry, but in this case, we mean it. DAO.Casino is offering to implement a new technology which aims to reinvent the online gambling industry as a whole. The protocol system is grounded by the transparency offered by blockchain, the distributed database concept which Bitcoin has made famous. DAO.Casino plans to introduce it to the online gambling sector using a form of public funding known as an ICO (initial coin offering).

blockchain technologyMany have discussed the possibility of applying this software beyond just cryptocurrency, but now DAO.Casino is making this a reality. The first steps have now been taken towards this, through using Ethereum which basically ensures complete transparency between players and online casinos.

Ethereum is known to be a true pioneer in the idea of blockchain. Start-ups like DAO.Casino can use this as a foundation on which they can build applications. This allows them to not only incorporate cryptocurrency but also what one calls ‘smart contracts’, that can be executed transparently to complete processes.

One of the reasons why Ilya Tarutov, founder and CEO of DAO.Casino, came up with this idea is because even though most casinos use independent third parties to regulate them, players still tend to doubt the fairness of the entire system. Using Etherum as the base for DOA.Casino’s applications mean that everyone can monitor what’s going on in the chain. Due to its decentralised nature, it’s practically impossible for anyone to try and tamper with it. This is an incredible selling point, as it can virtually guarantee that casino games are truly fair to its players and there is no chance of them being rigged.

DAO.Casino is offering incentives to the entire industry if they get involved with the development of this new protocol. Everyone from game providers to players is encouraged to be part of this industry-defining technology.

They are offering the possibility for anyone to become a bankroll backer, meaning that even players can now not just play at casinos, but also get involved in owning them. This is an exciting prospect to gaming enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals who understand all the technical details about the blockchain technology. However, the real challenge will be to bring the concept to a wider audience and make it appeal to them.

With their ICO (initial coin offering) set to launch in the next coming days, we look forward to seeing what will happen next with DOA.Casino and the online casino industry.

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