Caribbean Stud Online Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker dates back some thirty years, making it quite a young game when compared to other casino card games. This fantastic and lucrative game has grown in popularity in recent times, with its introduction to online casinos and now mobile casinos only increasing its accessibility to players throughout the UK and beyond.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

This is a version of five card Poker with one major difference – the game is played against the dealer only and no other players. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The payouts and betting limits can differ depending on what version of the game you are playing. However, while there may be slight differences between the various versions of the game, the gameplay and etiquette remain the same throughout.

  • The game begins when a player makes an ante bet. They can place a progressive bet as well should they wish to play the progressive jackpot. This is done before the no more bets call.
  • The player and the dealer are dealt five downwards facing cards, although the dealer shows one of his cards.
  • The player has a single look at their cards and decides whether they want to stop playing (fold) or continue playing.
  • If they choose to continue the game they raise their bet to be equal to or twice the amount of the ante bet.
  • The dealer must get a king and an ace, two of a kind or any other high-ranking hand to qualify.
  • If the dealer does not qualify then the ante bet is paid even money and the raised bets are pushed, i.e. are returned to the player unpaid.
  • If the player ties with the dealer, both the ante and raise bets push.
  • If the player beats the dealer’s qualified hand, they win and are paid according to the paytable.
  • Players are only allowed to play one hand per game.
  • If the incorrect number of cards are dealt, the hand is a dead hand and the bets push.
  • Players are not allowed to communicate their hands to each other.
  • In order to win the progressive jackpot, a player must get a flush or higher.

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