The Basics of Online Craps

Craps is a fast-paced table game attracting players of all levels and budgets. From novice players wanting to learn the ropes, to experienced players looking for a challenge, there’s room for everyone at this online table. In order to play and win, it’s always helpful to learn the basics of online Craps for a well-rounded and, hopefully, successful experience when playing games online.

The History of Craps

To really understand the game, it is good to know about its origins and some of the terminology used. Craps was inspired by a more complicated game of Hazard, a favourite amongst English soldiers during the Crusade. The game we know today was derived from French settlers in Louisiana, who simplified Hazard so that everyone could understand how to play it, even those people in the street. Interestingly, this is how it got its name. Craps is the shortened form of crapaud, literally meaning toad in French, and referring to the way people used to squat in the street like toads while playing. Today it is generally played in more sophisticated environments like land-based casinos, although thanks to modern technology, anyone can access this exciting game from the comfort of their own, or even on the streets like the old days from their devices with the new mobile casinos.

The Craps Table

The table used is a sunken platform, similar to a tiny football stadium. It has mirrored sides, which is used to keep the dice on the board when thrown and ensuring a random outcome.

The player is referred to as the shooter. Once the player has thrown the dice and has won or lost the round, he/she hands it to the next player until every player at the table has had a chance to shoot. The shooter places a bet on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line, with the Pass Line bet being the most significant bet in the game. This is a bet that the shooter will win their round.

The table is marked with outlines representing the different places players can place their chips – these include the Field, the Come Bar, and the Pass Line. Each of these areas is linked to a bet that has its own rules and payouts.

The Craps Crew

Because of the fast pace of this online casino game, there is an array of staff at the Craps table. The stickman is the man with the stick whose job it is to collect the dice thrown and either give them back to the shooter or send them to the next shooter. His multi-purpose stick is long and wooden with an angled tip. The stick can also be used for fetching losing bets from the other end of the table. The stickman’s job is also to announce the results of the roll. There are also two base dealers on either side of the table. These dealers collect any losing bets and pay out winning ones. The boxman supervises the base dealers, guards the chips, and makes change for the players.

The Shooter

The shooter must be careful when throwing the dice, as it must not cover the dice completely from view or roll the dice off the bounds of the table. If the shot is too hard and the dice leaves the table, the player can choose two new dice or the dice can be retrieved. Some players are superstitious even, and prefer to call ‘Same Dice’, however, this can slow down the pace of the game.