Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City is also known as Hole Card Blackjack for the simple reason that the dealer is dealt two cards, with one facing up and one facing down.  The card that faces downwards is considered the Hole Card.  What really makes this game appealing for online players is the great graphics and the low house edge, with the real kicker being the Late Surrender Rule.

The Rules of Atlantic City Blackjack

So what is it that differentiates Atlantic City from the other variants of Blackjack? The biggest difference is that the game is played with 8 decks of standard playing cards.  As you can imagine this would tip the odds quite considerably in favour of the dealer as the odds of going bust are significantly reduced due to the number of cards in play.

The splitting rules in this version of the game are quite different.  You may only split a maximum of three times.  You may split a pair of Aces, but only once, and only one card will be dealt with a split Ace. Another thing you need to be aware of is the rules regarding Doubling Down.  You may choose to Double Down after your initial two cards have been dealt and you may also double down after splitting a pair.  The dealer has to stand if he or she has a 17 or greater.

What truly makes Atlantic City Online Blackjack an interesting variation is the inclusion of the Late Surrender rule, which actually tips the odds in the player’s favour.  This particular rule allows the dealer to check their hand to see if they have Blackjack when they have an Ace or a 10-valued card.  By choosing the Late Surrender, the player has the option to give up their hand, losing half their wager and essentially being removed from that hand.  As tempting as it may be, it is, however, important to note that the Late Surrender should only be taken when the right strategy calls for it.


The house edge of Atlantic City Blackjack is low at 0.36% with a payout of 3 to 2.

The thrilling and exciting game can be enjoyed in both traditional casinos as well as many online casinos in the UK. For players new to this particular version of the game it is advisable to play a few rounds online Blackjack first to get comfortable and become more familiar with the rules.