3 Card Online Poker

3 Card Poker is often described as one of the most iconic card games of all times. This poker variant first made its appearance circa 1994 and was conceptualised by player Derek Webb. This is a popular card game that appears at a wide variety of gaming establishments in the UK.

Rules of the game

3 Card Poker rules act to incorporate two separate modes of play – the ante and play and the pair plus. The ante and play is a basic bet where the player wagers on his hand beating that of the dealer. The pair plus bet depends on the quality of the player’s hand regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Pictured is IGT Casino‘s 3 Card Poker.

Ante and play

Each player wagers on an ante bet and is dealt three cards along with the dealer. During the betting round, the amounts are required to be equal to the ante. If not, the player may choose to fold.

The dealer’s hand is revealed after the first round of betting and a showdown will start. We will explain this in greater detail as it might get confusing to newer players:

  • If the dealer does not have a queen high or better in his hand, the ante bet is paid to the player and the bet from the betting round after the deal is returned
  • Should the dealer have a queen high or higher and the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand, both the ante and the post-deal bet are paid out
  • When the dealer has a queen high card or higher and both hands are equal, both the ante and the post-bet amount are returned
  • If the dealer has a queen high or higher and the player has a less valuable hand, the player will lose

The hands are ranked similarly to other poker variants but are more restricted regarding some cards available to a player per hand.

3 Card hand ranks

Straight Flush – This is a hand that contains three cards of a matching suit in consecutive order. Here an Ace can act as either a low card with the value of 1 or a high card with the value of 11.

Straight – This is a hand consisting of three cards in consecutive order.

Flush – Three cards of the same suit.

Pair – This is a hand with two cards of equal value. Here the third card does not play a part in the hand but does act as a ‘kicker’. This means that its value will be used if another player or the dealer holds the same value.

High Card – The highest card of the three held by a player.

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